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Ridesharing isn’t a century-old concept in modern days; yet its popularity is rising too fast for anyone to ignore the fact that the system is not a futuristic idea of transportation. With the outstanding success of two most successful services namely Uber and Pathao in mind, over a dozen companies have got their names enlisted in the lineup. So, choosing a ride sharing app in Bangladesh is rather challenging due to the companies offering almost the same benefits with only a handful of differences.

The primary motivation that worked behind each of the platforms is that an overcrowded city (by both people and vehicles) doesn’t have to become a place where people can barely make it to their workplaces and homes in time. There’s something safe and dependable to take us to wherever we need to go without being stuck in the traffic jam for hours. Ridesharing systems are more like a relief to the city people with more population being added to the list of beneficiaries in the coming years.

In this article, we’ll come across an exhaustive list of apps introduced by ridesharing companies in Bangladesh.

Ride Sharing Apps in Bangladesh

Only five years ago, the idea of getting a bike or car service at your fingertips was so much of a luxury that many of us who are accustomed to using one wouldn’t think of. But now, we have as many as twenty providers that have their own application-based ridesharing system for smartphone users. Let’s have some insights into the many ride sharing apps in Bangladesh.


Uber Technologies, Inc. is regarded as one of the pioneering transportation network companies of the world. Launched in 2016 in Bangladesh, it quickly secured its position as one of the primary choices when it comes to a ride by a car or a motorbike. Apart from the ride-sharing services, Uber incorporates other services like bicycle-sharing and food delivery system. Based in San Francisco, USA, Uber has managed to spread its operations in over 785 metropolitan cities and areas across the world.

Although choosing the better of the two such as Uber and Pathao isn’t easy, the former one is more popular ride sharing app in Bangladesh.


Pathao is the most successful ride-sharing companies with a strong transportation network across the 3 important cities and some of their suburbs. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Dhaka, the company has its operation in two other cities such as Chittagong and Sylhet. Its identity as a ride-sharing service becomes a point of interest for other ventures as the company has its presence in courier service and food delivery, E-commerce, and merchant business.

As a tech startup, Pathao launched its mobile application which is its principal means of operation. The app is available for Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, and similar devices.


Another major player in the newly established industry, OBHAI has expanded its services in five important cities including Dhaka wherein it has services across 179 points. Through one smartphone application available on both Google Play and Apple’s iTunes, the company has allowed five on-demand services including car, micro, motorbike, and CNG autorickshaw. Launched in early 2018, OBHAI currently boasts over half a million active users and 105k registered drivers.

One of the major innovations brought by the company is its OBON feature that allows female passengers to request rides from female drivers, which has been highly appreciated by the interested mass.


Starting off as an online ticketing service in 2014, Shohoj Limited has risen to be a reliable provider of a wide range of transportation services including bike and car rides and food delivery. Currently, the company is offering three standalone services namely E-Ticketing System, Shohoz Rides, and Shohoz Foods with the ticketing system being the most popular of all.

Shohoz Rides is a fairly recent ride sharing app in Bangladesh launched in the early 2018. The services being confined in Dhaka and Chattogram only are gaining popularity leading the company to look for expansion in other major cities within a short time.

RideOX: A Ride Sharing Company with BIG Promises

Not new in its character but an all-round ride-sharing arrangement.

Where most competitors have chosen the capital city as their initial operational area, this newly established ride-sharing company aims to expand its services in all districts, which may seem a pretty bold way to become a brand that has to be known across the country.

Alongside the typical ‘car and bike’ services, more transports like ambulance, microbus, minibus and pickup van will be added. In addition, special arrangements for female passengers and drivers will be included in near future.

Interested passengers as well as drivers can use the well-designed app to carry out their ride-sharing functions. As part of the company’s vision to ensure its countrywide presence, a team of agents who can have sub-agents working for them is being formed.


Spreading a bold statement “Ride with Freedom”, PiickMe is one of the transport services in Bangladesh’s growing market. Having arrangements for rides using cars, bikes, and scooties, this ride-sharing platform boasts at least a quarter million registered users and over 45,000 licensed drivers who have been proud to handle over a million ride requests. Like a few competitors, PiickMe has also introduced a ride-sharing system (Piickme Scooty) to enable women to enjoy rides during their day-to-day journeys across the city areas.


Unlike the conventional ride-sharing platforms, this one is more of a car rental service having been able to pick up a good spot among the country’s huge network of rent-a-car providers. Organized and well-managed, GARIVARA offers car rentals to individuals who need services for their daily office visits and companies that seek an affordable means of transportation without hassles.

The company offer rental services in and outside Dhaka including locations like Chattogram, Cox’s Bazar, Sajek, and Sylhet. From pick-and-drop to daily/monthly rentals, the provider has been working to help people enjoy safe journeys while spending reasonably.

Amar Ride 

Amar Ride started with the goal to demonstrate the large population of Dhaka city an easier, more enjoyable, and safer way to deal with the annoying traffic jam that costs their valuable time and more importantly the energy that they would be able to use for more productive endeavors if not wasted due to the jam. Certain features of the service allow the user to track both bikes and passengers. There’s a control room to observe when bikes are on trips and when they’re free for a new ride.

The biggest breakthrough that the company has been able to bring about is that a bike that runs in violation of the set policies can be shut off by the control room whenever it sees fit.


As its name implies, TaxiWala is all about taxi rides using a smartphone app. After signing in, the user can choose the number of passengers who can accompany him/her on the ride. It means there’s no obligation for one to allow multiple passengers. The taxi owner or service providers can send the driver to the requested pick-up location using an admin panel.

The company’s focus on ensuring the availability of standard, safe taxis is paramount so that the passengers don’t have to worry about the condition of the vehicle in terms of cleanliness and mechanical soundness. Available on Google Play and iTunes, the ride sharing app in Bangladesh is not much known to people, but it certainly will get its share of the market with time, provided that the standard of services is maintained.

Share-A-Motorcycle (SAM)

Another understandable name in the booming industry, SAM is a platform that has started with concerns for both men and women. Having similarity to the features of a typical ride-sharing app in Bangladesh, SAM allows all the conveniences, from picking up a location to a successful journey and easy payment.

The entire operations are managed under two segments such as SAM BIKERS and PINK SAM where the latter is designed for female bikers who love to accompany female passengers to their desired destinations.


One of the pioneering ride-sharing services in Bangladesh, BDcabs involves on-demand services based on taxis and private vehicles. Founded in October, 2015, the company has managed to introduce a reliable system for people’s needs for premium standard taxis in their daily lifestyle. Users can avail the services using either mobile app or web application.


Owned by ZP Technologies Ltd, MUV started its journey in Bangladesh in the first quarter of 2017 as an on-demand ride-hailing service to be available across Dhaka city. The initial release was actually a beta version of the app which is now a stable mobile app available for download from both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. However, the service is confined in ride-sharing facility using bikes.

Get Bahon Limited

Referred to as Bahon, the local venture launched its ride-sharing service (based on an app) in 2017. The startup has had to face with fierce competition against Pathao, a local contender, and Uber, a multinational contender. Users can download the app directly from the app markets of Android and Apple. They can also use the company’s web-based application to send a ride request. As in all ride-sharing apps, multiple payment options are available.



This service provider with its smartphone app emerged in the market as a heavy contender of Uber and Pathao in 2017. Like all predecessors, Ezzyr chose Dhaka as their initial operational base, and ride-sharing services are exactly the same as that of others with just one exception which is not very common in Bangladesh. Using the app, you can avail the pre-reservation facility when you need long-distance trips.


Being one of the emerging transportation services in Bangladesh, Trippo manages its own arrangements of transport in Dhaka city. Apart from the typical features of a common ride sharing app in Bangladesh, Trippo BD app lets you schedule a trip on the same day, which is by far an amazing concept to be added to the mainstream facilities of ride-sharing services. Don’t get confused about the original Trippo application which is a travel guide for global users.

GOTi let’s go

Innovation in Bangladesh’s ride-sharing/ride-hailing industry continues with the emergence of services like GOTi that allows both passengers and drivers to enjoy the typical advantages of their services plus one additional benefit for aspiring drivers who can make a small investment and ensure monthly earning on a regular basis. A simple yet user-friendly management panel lets you get the most of the services in just seconds/minutes. At this moment, GOTi has been conducting ride-sharing through cars, bikes, CNG auto rickshaws.

Hellow Ride

If you would love to get the name of one ride sharing app in Bangladesh which conducts CNG auto rickshaws as their only mode of transport for people in need, Hellow Ride is the name for you! Although it’s not the only service of its kind, it’s certainly the most attractive one that is dedicated solely to auto rickshaws which, despite their large numbers in several major cities should have been brought under transport service via an application. Launched in 2018, the app is available on both Android and Apple markets.


Introducing two categories of fare for a ride which is an innovative idea, Dako has started operating in Dhaka and Chattogram on 16 December, 2017. Passengers can choose from both estimated and fixed fares considering the better for their particular situations. Car and bike rides are available through Dako Premium and Dako while a new ‘ride booking’ feature is going to be available soon.

Another outstanding feature that can potentially enhance the prospects of this ride sharing app is that drivers can use the 'Ready to Ride' feature without having to wait for a ride confirmation. The application displays other useful information like areas with higher earning potential and number of trips. 'Dako Captain' is an embedded feature to recognize the driver(s) with the highest earnings.

Dhaka Moto 

iMoto, the booking service is Dhaka Moto’s cornerstone of operations as you can use it for booking a taxi, or a motorbike, or a private car. Drivers are to use Moto Drive as the system that provides them essential information like the traffic in a particular area, earning, weekly bonus target and date, etc. Based in Dhaka, the company started in 2017.


With the claim to have been the first of its kind as a ridesharing service that is true to its application and name, SOHOZATRI lets people share their ride efficiently and without waiting on a fellow passenger for so long.

Launched in 2018, the ridesharing app has been designed to help people reduce their day-to-day commuting expenses by allowing multiple passengers to use the same car for a ride to a particular destination. Users have to submit all proofs of their citizenship and social exposure to sign up for the services. The company seeks further expansion by ensuring safety of passengers (typically strangers to each other) and offering convenient ridesharing experiences.

The existing status of the ridesharing industry in Bangladesh indicates ongoing competitions among the companies leading them to seek newer ways to make their services more accessible and efficient. However, the safety of the passengers is still a grey area for most companies. It means more integrated driving regulations and commuting approaches have to be adopted to avert unwanted occurrences.