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About Us

about us

RideOX Limited (Locally registered in Bangladesh as a limited liabilities company) introduced agent-based rideshare service for the first time. RideOX Limited provides all kinds of rideshare services in both city and rural areas. We are marching forward with the Moto, “moving around” and with an aim to maximize your rideshare experience in the safest way. We are going to introduce a unique rideshare service, particularly for women around the country.

In September 2019, RideOX became an officially limited company with an introduction to its marketing and social awareness campaigns to let the people of Bangladesh know about what we are offering. Recently, we have included Motorbike, Cars, Microbus, and Ambulance services, the most in-demand vehicles in case of a medical emergency. RideOX intends to be a role model in transport industry by providing quality and contributing to national development. We aim at helping people save their energy and time and spend them on productive works rather than getting stuck in a traffic jam. Thus, we along with everyone in the society can contribute to faster economic growth.

About Us


We will provide all kind of ride sharing including Motorcycle, Private Car, Micro and Ambulance. We will create business opportunity for the potential personnel of our country by appointing agents from every district. Every agent will have the freedom to appoint sub-agent if it’s necessary.

Safe rides

Whether you are at the rear seat or supporting the wheel, then your safety is indispensable. We're dedicated to doing our role, and tech is now in the core of our own approach. We companion with safety urges and create innovative systems and technologies that will help make a universe at which it really is safe and simple for everyone to receive all around.

On-demand rides

Supplying passengers -and even motorists possess that the power to get where they Wish to move. From blatant navigation choices to cashless payments, the program is intended to simply help people access their own locations.

The future of urban transport

Urban areas of Bangladesh will get service from Rideox. Their concept about the ride sharing will changed totally by the initiative of Rideox.

Who will be driving Rideox

Transport is not the sole thing we are shifting throughout our Technology. We are constructing a society inside Rideox that highlights performing exactly the Right matter, time, for driver’s motorists, and also employees.

Reputable, comfortable rides for patience

We have partnered together with medical care associations to supply adaptive ride-scheduling alternatives for people, health professionals, and team. Healthcare specialists may program rides for caregivers and patients visiting and out of the maintenance that they desire, each from one dash.