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Rideox Limited is the only ride sharing company in Bangladesh, which will cover the 64 districts of the country in case of ride sharing. Rideox will provide all kind of ride sharing even to the rural areas of Bangladesh for the first time. We are marching forward with the Moto, “moving around” and with an aim of providing maximum ride sharing in the safest way. We are unique in ride sharing service because we are introducing women special services around the country.

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Why Choose Us

We will provide our clients with best ride sharing services calculating the time frame. We will ensure rapid service with just a tap of the finger. Ultimately time will be saved.

We have decided the most competitive ride fare considering the financial capacity of the general people. So, you will not think twice about the ride fare.

We are available all around the country including the rural areas of 64 districts.

Our Available Vehicle type


If you are thinking about hiring a car within the budget, we have different quality cars for providing you ride from one place to another. You can easily take a comfortable ride with Rideox cars fulfilling your maximum requirement. Our available cars are toyota corolla, toyota premio.

Car is a personal human carrier which bring us from one part to another part of the country. Everybody is not capable of buying a car. Rideox is providing car rental service for those people who are not capable of buying a car.


Cng is one of the most convenient vehicles in the context of Bangladesh. As we are aimed to provide maximum ridesharing service throughout the country, nature friendly cng auto-rickshaws are one of our prime concern.

If we ask someone what is one of the most available transport in Bangladesh, answer will be CNG auto- rickshaw. CNG already covered a place of dependency in case of safe and swift movement from one place to another in Bangladesh.


Motorbike is the most convenient vehicle in the busy areas where there is a chance of getting stuck with heavy traffic jam. Our expert motorbike riders will reach you to your expected location so quickly so that you should not miss any single appointment.

Motorbike riders are very swift in moving to the destination. Everyone may not know how to ride a bike and may not have enough fund for buying a motorbike. Rideox will take care about the demand of a motorbike in necessity within the most acceptable ride fare.


We have plenty of Minibus if you have a plan to go somewhere in a group. You may decide to visit any place within Dhaka or outside of Dhaka with family members or friend circle. To meet this sort of customer demand, our minibuses are well set.


Microbuses are very flexible in use. There are so many ways how a microbus can be used. We have a large number of microbus around the country. A microbus, or minicoach may be a traveller carrying car that's designed to hold a lot of folks than a multi-purpose vehicle or passenger van, however fewer folks than a large bus. Rideox will provide you ride sharing opportunity with multiple brands microbus anywhere in Bangladesh.


Pickup van is a very convenient vehicle for those who are thinking about shifting anything from one place to another. Rideox got the solution for this sort of fact. Rideox pickups continuously shifting house, office, goddown and many more with satisfactory fare and timely manner.


Trucks are very helpful for heavy loading and unloading. In case of house shifting, construction work, excavation and other civil work trucks are must. We have multiple capacity trucks for your service in Rideox.


Ambulance is a name of support when any of our near and dear ones is sick and in a critical situation. Basically ambulance service is a must service to be received by the common people. We have different types of ambulances considering the emergency of the patients.

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Our Clients

"Rideox is still only a gloomy"instrument" that I am going to have the ability to say to get paid somewhat further fiscal advantage right here and now there. I Would Never call this type of regular job, but nevertheless it also sets several miles on Your vehicle or automobile conjointly Isn't Rewarding till you are needing a incredibly low auto auto or auto or even maybe wholly paid car or truck freed from motor-car phone payment alongside other cheap auto Insurance setup. The top goal regarding conducting for Rideox was finding recent posts across side-by-side fresh people since I am incredibly Out-going that it served very well one of my quite own favor"

"I must apologize to impact each of Rideox buyers. I am certain that you watch for complete signs, Ruby red passengers, lighting, and pedestrians. Surely the very pleasing Area of the job is seeing every customer happy from the suggestion of this journey"

" Rideox started out joy with Interesting but factors directly altered. The more I drove more alterations they left. The excess I drove the additional dollars they had. It simply will not appear sensible that this Rideox unremarkably Will Take lots with this cooking contemplating it really is that your automobile and you've got need to Keep that the Preservation up and gas one of its"

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